This is Alan Gardener's Diary.


The Diary was secured by Alan Gardener in a safe kept hidden underneath the floor in his room. Once opened the diary is kept by the group along with the other objects inside.


"It’s December 2nd, 1969. My name is Alan Gardener and this is my diary.

26. I have now counted 26 cases of missing persons connected to the school. Strange that the police has never come up with anything about it.

Our school was founded in 1902 by twin brothers Herbert and Leonard Friedman.

Herbert is still our principal. That would mean he is at least 100 years old.

I just found their birth certificates, judging by the date, they… How did they stay so young for so long!?

I found this photo of a woman with Herbert… or Leonard. She looks a lot like Ms. Wickson. (Photos dates from the 19th century)

According to this marriage certificate, Ms. Wickson and Leonard got married in Leonard in 1885. Leonard was last seen in 1921. He supposedly died in a plane crash, but they never found the body, or even the plane…

I found some articles about the Friedman brothers and their experiments, said to be so original that they “went beyond human morality”.

In 1890, they went on an expedition to Africa to find medicinal plants. They stayed for six months and brought back a large number of hitherto unknown varieties. One strange specimen, Mortifilia, became the basic subject of their research.

I have discovered horrible photos of disfigured people in his office… I absolutely must find his lab. Underneath the High school! In the basement!

I managed to follow him unnoticed through the garden to the basement of their house. I searched the lab and according to Friedman’s notes, the antiaging serum has yet to be perfected. The photos of half-human creatures bear witness to the failed attempts. Prolonged exposure to the sun results in mutation.

There’s also a big door in one room. I don’t know what’s behind it, but I think I understand how to open it. There is a mechanism with little statues; I’ve seen three around the library and one in the garden. Tomorrow I’ll go and try to see what’s going on behind that door."


  • Some of the documents have the date completely different from the year that Alan mentions. There is a high probability that the years would've been more close to the present; for example, Friedman's crash incident happened in '21, but in the paper it's says '58. In any case, the years used will be those mentioned.