The Amorphous is a monster appearing in ObsCure II, generated by genetic mutation of the Mortifilia's flower.


The Amorphous is a massive creature that generates from a contaminated subject. Probably both genders could undergo this kind of mutations, and the bulk of the creature suggests that the spores change much of the subject's lower body mass into thick layers of blubber and a powerful crushing arm.

These alterations make it rensemble a literally amorphous blob, with a small and faceless head sitting atop a towering mound of flesh. The creature's body fat is so abundant that forms breast-like protrusions on the chest and makes impossible to discern bones and joints, enveloping the mutant's body like an armor. This monster is not only highly resistant to physical damage but has incredibly strong, using its hypertrophic left arm crowned with sharp claws to swat away or smash its prey. However, the development of the upper section takes its toll over the rest of the body, leaving the right arm atrophied and useless while the legs become short and stubby, barely enough to move around its own weight.

Known CasesEdit

The only known case it is a girl in the ΔΘΓ party which advise Kenny and Amy to grab a gun in the safe in the playroom.

Combat & TacticsEdit

Its attacks inflict a lot of damage and are powerful enough to send its enemies flying or smashing them to the ground. Underestimating this monster because of its slowness is a serious mistake since its well-known strenght forces the player to avoid melee confrontation, while its high resistance absorbs effortlessly small caliber bullets.

The most effective tactic is to use the stun gun until it falls on the ground, then using melee attacks. Heavy firearms are effective but using them is really inadvisable since it requires more than a magazine to bring down the monster. Plain melee fight is not impossible but the player has to back away promptly when the Amorphous raises his huge arm because this telegraphs a violent attack that will squash the player to the ground.