"Where did they go? I wanna kick some ass!"

Ashley Thompson is a character in ObsCure. She is a student at Leafmore High, the best friend of Josh Carter and Shannon Matthews, and the girlfriend of Kenny Matthews. She participated in the mysterious events that happened in Leafmore.


Ashley was a student at Leafmore High, a member at the beauty center of the school, and an expert at taekwondo. She lived next to Josh Carter, so they became best friends. She later fell in love with the jock, Kenny Matthews, and befriended his sister, Shannon Matthews. It's unknown what her relationship with Stan Jones was before the game. According to Mr. Walden's notebook, she was a "good student".

Events of Leafmore HighEdit

After having noticed that Kenny didn't show up at her place and that no one knew where he was that night, Ashley began to worry about what happened to him and decided to stay at the school after it closed to look out for him with Shannon and Josh. After inspecting upstairs, Ashley and her friends were attacked by little monsters. Their biology teacher, Mr. Walden, came to their rescue by breaking a window and letting the light enter, thus killing the monsters. Walden told them to go and see Principal Friedman to get out of the school. While on their way there, they found Stan changing his notes and he offered the group to do the same for 50 "bucks", the group declined the offer and tried to convince him that the school was overrun by monsters, making Stan think they were using drugs, only to be convinced by a Biter's roar.

The two men would then continue the story, until the group finds Kenny, but are kidnapped by Friedman and injected with the Mortifilia serum.

After ObsCureEdit

It is assumed that Ashley had to take a pill after the events of ObsCure, because in Shannon's character bio it is said that she is the only one who adapted to the changes that Friedman did. As revealed in a secret video found by Stan and Shannon near the end of the game, Ashley and Josh Carter are kidnapped by Jedidiah while investigating the ruins of Leafmore High. Neither Stan nor Shannon make any comments about it, probably hoping that she is still alive (her body is nowhere to be found) or just avoiding to discuss another painful revelation.

Obscure DEdit

The video game, Obscure D, which was to be released Fall 2013, was to star Ashley, Josh, and her sister. 

However, the game was cancelled after Focus Interactive purchased the IP for the series and Hydravision. The game was reworked into a spinoff under the game of "Obscure: Final Exam" and ashley, nor her sister, will star in the game. 


  • The Laser is the only weapon on which her combat skills will have no effect.