The Baseball Bat is a melee weapon found in ObsCure and ObsCure II. It's the most common weapon.


In ObsCure you will find two different types of bats, respectively, in the cafeteria, at the beggining of the game, you'll find the wooden version. This is the first weapon the group obtains. Its damage is minimal, the most weak weapon of all, but not a bad choise againgst the Biter. The aluminum version is found scattered in the entrance of the west wing of the building, outside of the classrooms. This one cause a modest amount of damage and is useful to defend against small enemies, but unsuitable against the most powerful foes. Their most powerful version, the Morgenstern Bat, is unlocked by completing the game in normal mode.

ObsCure IIEdit

In ObsCure II you will find only one type of bat in the game in three points:

Corey's Dream, which is not real, and outside the ΔΘГ fraternity house; both before the party, and after the "first credits roll" while grabbing the bag of a deceased ΔΘГ member. It is a very common weapon of aluminum blunt, it deals a good amount of damage to enemies less tough. Its most powerful version, the Morgenstern Bat, is finded in the first game, if you got in time to save Jun and head to the basement.