• Tomtheman99
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  • JoshCarter85

    This is just for fun, but have you noticed the similarities in both games' characters?:

    Amy = Ashley and Shannon

    • Smart Blonde: Shannon
    • Kinda slut, you can see her thong and her name begins with "A" and ends with "Y": Ashley

    Corey = Josh

    • Charismatic lead character (In the beggining of their games)

    Sven = Kenny

    • Popular and strong Jock, who's kidnapped by the secondary bad guy and is in love with the Kinda slut: Kenny

    Mei = Shannon and Stan

    • Young, beutiful and smart: Shannon
    • Being able to open lock doors: Stan

    Jun = Dan

    • Character that his name only contains 3 letters and ends with "N" that we can to controlled just for a brief moments but dies inevitably.

    Richard James = Denny Walden

    • Professor/Teacher that at the beggining one could think he's just trying …
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  • JoshCarter85

    I am going to put here some details that i'm gonna change in the wiki:

    • Change the old templates with new generated infoboxes
    • Stan's work: We all though that he was a pizza delivery boy, but actually he is a delivery truck driver
    • Complete with headlines and templates the Weapons' pages
    • Create pages for the creatures with their non-official names → See "Mortifilia Creatures' Names"
    • Change the goddamn Slideshows for Gallery
    • Polish the characters' pages
    • Add separated pages for the items and Key items
    • Add separated pages for the documents
    • Complete the events cronology and pages
    • Complete the Unnamed characters pages
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  • JoshCarter85

    Corey's Fate

    January 6, 2017 by JoshCarter85

    If you haven't played ObsCure II, don't enter, it's actually a great spoiler.

    Well to the theme, we all know how it ended, Corey killed himself. But, we know why? Obviously, you would say, he killed himself because of a Posttraumatic Stress Disorde (PTSD) for the trauma of witnessing Mei's death. But if you actually thought it, it doesn't make sense at all.

    You see, for me the Corey's fate always seemed weird, you know. I love Corey, he was really cool and awesome character, and i feel bad when he suddenly killed himself, but let's explained why he killed himself, at least the "popular" explanation.

    After everything happened, the death of the love of his life, her sister, his best friend, Amy Brookes's rape and the betrayal of the Professor Ja…

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  • JoshCarter85

    Well, it's never impleid any of the Creatures name, but i research in other webs, different languages wiki, wikipedia, and i come up with some names, so i guess you should know it.

    I'll create a page with the name of every creatures that sustents better. You can comments if you think of one better or want to choose another.

    Bocagrande: It's literally the words "Mouth/Boca" and "Big/Grande" together, impliyng it's big mouth.

    Mordeur: Literally the word "Biter"

    Nerzul Dog: I have no idea what Nerzul means.

    Every name translates as Infected Student or Mutaded, except...

    Mini Yonko: I guess it sound like Yonki, you know, if someone saw them they would think they are drug addicts. Pales, indiferents, lazy.

    Infected Student 2nd form

    Mutant Student

    Yonko: …

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  • ObscureResurrection

    Obscure 3

    June 18, 2015 by ObscureResurrection

    Hi My Name is Kamil . I'm Turk I  was very impressed from obscure 1-2 And I believe I made ​​the reputation of the trailer that 3

    You help me do this?

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  • TrunksDelicious


    April 23, 2014 by TrunksDelicious

    Hello everyone. Just decided to join this wikia thanks to an advice of a "friend".

    Hope to do a good job here.

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  • Morrigan1993

    ObsCure 3 Characters And Gameplay. PS3/X360/PC/PS4/XBOXONE


    A new town a new nightmare. Six months following the Fallcreek massacre, Josh and Ashley have moved to the neighbouring town of Riverwood Falls to make a new life for themselves and continue their studies at the local college, but there nightmare is far from over. A dark shadow is befalling the town, something that will shatter the very foundations of the sleepy rural town. Josh, Ashley and a gang of desperate students must survive the new nightmare and finally destroy the demons of their past once and for all.

    Characters and Abilities.

    MAIN: The Main playable Characters (will do more in depth descriptions in next part).

    Josh Carter: Two years after the horrors at Leafmore Jos…

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  • Morrigan1993

    Once you complete obscure 1 on steam check the extras for the prototype video, It gives you an idea of what they had in mind. 

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  • KevinR1990


    For those who already own both games, this likely won't affect you all that much. The only new features confirmed are 16:9 resolution and Xbox 360 controller support.

    Still, if for some reason you don't own one or both of these games, now's your chance.

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  • Morrigan1993

    Check this out! :D

    January 16, 2014 by Morrigan1993

    Latest post looks pretty intresting... but what REALLY caught my eye was th III in the corner of the random letters. 

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  • Kartun2

    ObsCure III

    December 18, 2013 by Kartun2

    ObsCure III

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  • Morrigan1993

    Final exam OUT NOW :D

    November 6, 2013 by Morrigan1993

    Released on steam, reviews seem solid. 

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  • Ccrogers15


    October 26, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    This is the place where I will post all reviews for the game that I can find. If you find any, be sure to let me know.

    Retro Gamer Boy: A+ (10/10)

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  • Ccrogers15

    Final Exam is now on STEAM early access. Get your codes while they last HERE:

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  • Morrigan1993

    Obscure Graphic novel

    October 10, 2013 by Morrigan1993

    Saw the poll, sounds intresting, if anyone can draw (anime, realistic, cartoony,) I would be happy to write the story and help with the designs, I don't want any credit but it seems like a cool idea :) 

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  • Morrigan1993

    Shannon in Final Exam

    September 12, 2013 by Morrigan1993

    She looking gooooood. check out the mighty rocket Tumblr page coz i cant post links. 

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  • Ccrogers15

    This is *Very Important* for the future of the wiki. Due to a new federal law by COPPA, anonymous edits are now disabled. What does this mean? ALL people who want to edit the wiki are now required to sign up on wikia.

    This is not our fault. Sorry if this affects anyone. You can read more about this here:

    This will take effect in the very near future. So until that happens, feel free to keep editing. When it happens, you will be required to create an account. 

    Thanks for reading. 

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  • Morrigan1993

    Just a little project, for fun really. but if you guys like it I shall post an Episode on this page on a monthly basis.

    The series is in three parts for each Game, 12 episodes each season  (plus a theoretical Obscure 3), or more if i get any new ideas. 

    I'm going for a more serious theme, less cheese and More emotion and horror. 

    I'll be adding new characters but only one will be permenant and survive. He or she won't be revealed just yet. The characters will be expanded on and their personalities and backstories explored while others may be changed entirely , In name and personality and in one case gender. 

    I also thought of a few people who could play the caracters. the typical teen movie actors to keep the slasher spirit alive such as teen …

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  • Ccrogers15


    May 26, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    Ive rolled back all the troll edits that happened. Since not many users are active anymore, and im not sure if metalkong1 got his rights back, if this happens again *all* pages will be locked to wear only registered users can edit. This will mean you will need to be logged in to edit pages on this wiki. 

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  • Morrigan1993

    Kidna spitefull, Do you want me to redo them? 

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  • Morrigan1993

    Most of it is the same other than a few differences, such as showing stan arriving at the hospital after kenny attacks shannon, (she doesnt look injured or even concerned) and an extended ending sequence where if shannon and stan can get to the stadium before corey you can save him, there is also another scene where kenny chases after Shannon and stan/ Corey after he tries to get to Amy. Corey doesnt die in one ending but is shown to be infected and  is cured once Kenny is i dont just says hes in remision.

    Look if you are curious :) 

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  • Ccrogers15

    Massive Wiki Update

    February 26, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    The wiki has been updated. Hope you like it!


    -Wiki Logo

    -Wiki Favicon  (Only visible on IE and Opera, dont ask, i dont know why)

    -New Background

    -New colors!


    -Achivements! Now you can earn Achivements by doing certain things on the wiki! Can you collect them all?

    -Message wall. Now you can quick message members by going to their profile and clicking message wall.

    -Chat. Now you can chat by clicking ON THE WIKI then hitting chat!

    -Streamlined comments. Now comments can be made on the bottom of the page!


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  • Ccrogers15

    Obscure Dark Aura exists?

    February 20, 2013 by Ccrogers15

    So i met a former Hydravision Employee on Assembler Games Forums and he confirmed he was in fact a true employee. (He showed me his Hydravision Entertainment ID over skype). 

    I wont reveal his name because of legal reasons, but he showed me he has some development disks of Obscure Dark Aura, which was intended to launch on PSP and DS. He said the builds he has are indeed playable and compiled. He has a 30%, 40% and 60% build. He also revealed to me that the game was scrapped right when they hit the 60% mark to work on other things, but it was to be a third person game.

    Im in the works of trying to get him to leak them to me so we can all get our hands on them, but he has not replied to my question about that yet, but he had said he will be a…

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  • Morrigan1993

    ObsCure Fanfic

    February 19, 2013 by Morrigan1993

    Ccrogers15 said he wanted to read and i can update if anyone likes it :)

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  • Ccrogers15

    After emailing FP, he revealed to me he gave me a little false information and apologized.

    He confirmed that nobody from past obscure games are returning, it is a complete franchise reboot, and mighty rocket is still Hydravision.

    He also said Focus Interactive BOUGHT hydravision and changed the name to mighty rocket. They never closed. This was planned.

    Focus now owns the IP for Funky Lab Rat and Obscure and he says he thinks the new direction will bring the series back on good footing to pave way for future games. But he said:

    "Past games are past, future games are future.".

    So this pretty much confirms that Obscure 2013 will be the new series. We will not see a sequel to Obscure 2.

    So, i will be reverting changes to Ashley, Josh, Kenny to the …

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  • Ccrogers15

    Im currently wanting help.

    Im pondering the idea on what engine to use first. 

    First, we know it needs to be a third person game. FPS will not work.

    Second, its a fan project to help keep the franchise alive. Its legal.

    Third, you need to be good at coding. 

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  • Ccrogers15

    Capcoms "Remember Me" which will launch next year for PS3 and 360, will have its soundtrack composed by Obscure and Obscure 2`s composer, Olivier Deriviere. If you loved the amazing music from the 2 Obscure Games, dont forget to go on Youtube or play the game to listen to the music. It would be good nostalgia for the Obscure series music.

    Also, if you want to here his music or download it for FREE, you can get the Alone In The Dark, Obscure and Obscure 2 soundtracks completely free from his website here:


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  • Ccrogers15

    What now?

    December 7, 2012 by Ccrogers15

    Now that Hydravision has indeed closed, and there websites are gone, what now? The franchise has now obviously bit the dust unless its been bought out. I know Hydravision was Indie, however, this happened with Dark Energy Digital who recently developed the horror game Hydrophobia. They were indie too but it turned out they had a parent company. They went into adminship and closed. This might of happened with Hydravision too. 

    Maybe fangames can be done. Does any of you know about coding and stuff? We could do fan games. I always wanted to complete the story. The ending of Obscure 2 is so, cliffhanger like. Ive always wondered what happened to Shannon, Stan, and wonder if Amy survived the explosion. 

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  • Ccrogers15

    Obscure D Screenshots

    December 6, 2012 by Ccrogers15

    Ive got several Obscure D screenshots from users on Unseen 64. 

    Judging from these, the game was  a 2D sidescroller. 

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  • Press Release

    On Obscure Italian Wiki have lots of interesting content of the saga of Obscure that we would like to share with you. We have interesting pictures of Obscure Beta and even of Obscure  D.

    Here are some: 

    And much more on ObsCure Italian Wiki

    (Sorry for my bad english)

    ObsCure Italian Wiki: ObsCure

    ObsCure Italian Wiki: Obscure D

    Fonte (FR)

    Fonte (SP)  

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  • Ccrogers15

    did hydravision close?

    October 28, 2012 by Ccrogers15

    So its been MONTHS since we heard anything about Hydravision or Obscure D. They said on twitter a trailer would release in late july and the game in Early Fall. Well... Its almost November, no trailer, no info, hydravision is quite. Did they secretly close? Dark Energy Digital, who recently developed Hydraphobia, and Vectorcell who recently developed AMY did the EXACT same thing. What happened? Is obscure D cancelled?

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  • Metalkong1

    Regarding Inactivity

    October 2, 2012 by Metalkong1

    At the moment, I am currently busy and will not be able to come on that often.

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  • Ccrogers15

    I found a beta version of Ashley and Shannon:

    Pre Release Shannon and ashley:

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  • Ccrogers15

    Read my posting here:

    I wrote it there on my blog about horror. It tries to figure out why hydravision is being so tight lipped about the game.

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  • Ccrogers15

    Wiki updates!

    August 28, 2012 by Ccrogers15

    Im doing a major wiki revamp to aid in the upcoming release of Obscure D. As you probably already noticed, i changed the wiki homepage. I am waiting for the admin to change the background to go with the new color format.

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  • Ccrogers15

    Obscure D Wishlist!

    August 23, 2012 by Ccrogers15

    Im making a Wishlist for Obscure D that we can possibly send to Hydravision. There friendly and like fan feedback, SO making this list will help. Leave a comment with what you want to see!


    Ashley and Shannon back

    Fully third person game

    Music like Obscure 2 music

    Released on PS3, 360, Wii and PC.

    Long story

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  • Metalkong1


    April 16, 2011 by Metalkong1

    Making various edits.

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