This neswpaper were hidden by Friedman and censored by the ΔΘГ Brotherhood.


The Newspaper are in the cabine of the room where the group finds Stan hacking the computer to change his notes. The cabinet is locked.


Strange disappearanceEdit

The Leafmore high school is, once again, at the heart of the controversy. In effect, Greg Anderson, a second-year student, disappeared on monday night. It was after classes that his friends in the dormitory notified his absence. He had gone to the sick bay after feeling unwell and it was there where he was seen for the last time.

Another student disappears!Edit

The list of disappearances of Leafmore has gotten even longer, with a new victim, Tom Maheust. The police has no real clue at this date and a lot of parents have decided to change their children from the school. In 5 years, no less than twelve students and no trace has been found.

The Leafmore affair: the police reactEdit

New measures have been taken by the police in the "Leafmore Disappearances" affair. After the disappearance of a sixteenth student, Richard Craig, last thursday.

Controversy at LeafmoreEdit

"But what are the police doing? When will they order the closing of this school?" said Mr. Flynt when coming out of police headquarters, after the disappearance of his son, Harry. The answer was not long coming. The principal of the establishment, Mr. Friedman, came this morning to meet journalists: “It seems that the furious lunatic wreaking havoc on our premises is only interested in the students staying in the dormitory. We have, therefore, by agreement with the forces of law and order, closed access until order returns.

Closure of the Leafmore dormitoryEdit

Three years after the last disappearances at Leafmore, none of which have been solved, Herbert Friedman, principal of the high school, officially announce that everything was back at normal. “Although the perpetrator of these crimes is still loose, It seems that the closing of the dormitory calmed the ardor of this mental patient responsible of this disappearances.”