Dan is a character in ObsCure. He is a student that appears briefly in ObsCure. He was a kidnapped student by Herbert Friedman to experiment, he was a temporarily playable character.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Dan was a Leafmore High student. No one knows exactly when he was kidnapped, but according to game documents, it can be understood that it happened not so long before Kenny.

Bald, battered and undernourished, he is reduced to a shadow of himself; He seems to have an insane fear of the experiments to which he is subjected to along with various tests. They have left indelible marks on his body. However, he proves willing to escape from his prison when he meets Kenny Matthews. He seems to know more of the underground prisoners, but their fate is unknown.


ObsCure Screenshot Dan

Dan escaping with Kenny.

Dan is found by Kenny locked in a cell in the basement of Leafmore, shortly before the latter's abduction. Frightened and battered he warns Kenny of the danger that run down there and urges him to flee, begging Kenny not to leave him.

Released from the cell, he retrieves a gun from a cabinet of Friedman's lab, but before they can take the exit corridor, the two are attacked by an ArbolTrebol escaping from a door. The boys attempt to escape but the exit door was locked with a cage. Fighting hard, Kenny and Dan move it and get to the hallway,  Dan is killed by an ArbolTrebol while they attempt to escape to the ladder.

ObsCure BetaEdit

In the beta of ObsCure, Dan had a much larger role as found in the game files. When hacking them, it was revealed he had shared dialogue between him and Shannon, that he was to say Kenny was killed. He was to escape and not Kenny, but this was cut. This can be supported by in the original E3 2003 trailer for ObsCure, at the end the lifeless body of Kenny is seen being dragged through the sewer. It is unknown why this was changed, but it can be speculated that keeping Kenny alive and making Dan die, in the way that he did, would add to the scare level and thrill during the initial chase scene.

Walden's SonEdit

It's never cleared the motivation for which Walden begins to investigate Friedman and the mysteries of Leafmore High. However it has been speculated that he was interested in the mysterious disappearances of students following the abduction of Dan, implying that he was actually his son, Daniel Walden.


  • Dan's T-shirt is a poster of the 1976 sexploitation women in prison film,  "Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks".
  • Dan seems to be in the first step of the Mortifilia's transformation, proved by the fact of him big likeness to the Infected Student.