The Dynamite is a rare weapon in ObsCure II.


It that can be found in various locations in the game.

  • The group mades 2 in the hospital
  • It can be found other 2 in Leafmore's Chemical class.
  • It can be found in boxes, rarely.

There are 5 to 6 found the game and it is advised to save the last few for the Jedidah and Leonard.


In the Hospital, you will need to manufacture dynamite to break through the wall leading to the ambulance parking. You will need to find and combine in the right sequence bleach, ascorbic acid, ice, glycerine and caustic soda. You can also find some sticks explosives in the most advanced areas of the game. You need to turn on and launch this powerful explosive soon because in the space of a few seconds will blow up. The explosion is very powerful and able to knock down walls and enemies, but also the protagonists risk their lives if they are too close to its range.


  • The first dynamite its made out of chemical subtances, but yet its looks like a normal dynamite, this is obviously a development choice.