The Energy Drink is a basic health item in the first two ObsCure games, restoring a small amount of health in both.


It is ostensibly a parody of the popular energy drink "Monster Energy", as seen with a notice in the first part of the game warning that the school should ban such drinks due to their detrimental effects on the health of teenagers. Unlike the first aid kit, energy drinks cannot be used to heal other characters, and Shannon's +25% healing bonus does not apply to them; the item has the same effect on all characters.

ObsCure IIEdit

Caffeine-based drink that students of universities generally take to relieve headaches as a result of drunkenness. It restores a small amount of health. It is curious to note that, in the previous chapter, was issued an official warning against such beverages that prohibited the sale because of the dependence that they caused, as well as severe headaches and intestinal pain that consumption caused the most vulnerable; probably it is not the same drink but with a similar effect equal.


  • The drink in the first game might as well not be parody of the Monster energy drink, but the drink itself.