Fallcreek Unverisity is the one of the main locations that ObsCure II takes place.


The Fallcreek University is a renowned college where the student resides and are teached. The campus is a place with a retro architecture, with a dormitory, a pool, the classes and others. The materials are all closely related to biology and medicine (Virology, bacteriology, sociology, psychology, chemistry care, psychopathology). Fallcreek is the college that the mayority of the protagonists of ObsCure II resides. Prior to the outbreak of mutated creatures, a popular activity was to ingest various concoctions made from a peculiar flower found throughout the campus. Incidentally, this flower is also responsible for the outbreak.

School's brotherhoodsEdit

  • ΔΘГ
  • ΜΓΦ: A Sorority, it's unknown anything beyond it.

Student ClubsEdit

  • Fallcreek Cheerleading
  • Geeks Club

Sports CommitteeEdit

  • Fallcreek Pitbulls, football (whose coach is accidentally died recently)
  • Fallcreek Vikings, hockey

Teachers knownEdit

  • Professor James: Biology teacher and mentor of ΔΘГ
  • Mr. Ward: Professor of Sociology (recently fired for stealing women's underwear from the dorms)

School NewspapersEdit

  • Fallcreek Gazette: tabloid magazine (Price $ 2)
  • Campus Journal: Journal of the campus
  • Modern Student Magazine: Journal of students (Price $ 6)




  • Jun Wang (Killed by a monster)
  • Unknown numbers of students were killed by the monsters.
  • Unknown numbers of students were mutated and killed.