Fallcreek University Hospital was a medical institution located in the City of Fallcreek.


The hospital campus is located not far from the university. Modern and well-equipped, however, it is not quite as large although the staff that are highly qualified. There are plenty of first aid kits, advanced medical equipment, and a few ambulances there.

Known employees:

  • Herbert West
  • William Klingemann

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

Being chased by harpies in the woods after finding his car, Corey and Amy break a window and find themselves in the hospital's first floor.

The group decides to meet on the ground floor, so Amy and Corey try to find a way out. They enter a room and witness Kenny succumb to the Mortifilia in his blood, releasing a great amount of black spores.

Shannon, who was in the room with Kenny, tells them to run just before being covered with the spores, Corey and Amy run back to find the elevator in the same floor. However it is broken, Corey repairs it and uses it to reach the ground floor of the hospital, where they meet up with Professor James. Sven and Mei arrive after a while.

Taking Richard's advice, the group searches for chemicals to make a homemade explosive to destroy a weak wall. Behind it, it leads them to the storage area and the parking lot. The group enters the storage area and they are ambushed by a now mutated Kenny.  He knocks out Sven, Amy and the professor and engages in a battle with Corey and Mei, but after being sufficiently damaged, Kenny throws Corey into a loose pipe which impales his abdomen. Kenny then crushes Mei's skull, Corey now saddened and enraged, insults Kenny and he prepares to kill him until Shannon and Stand arrive. 

Even though he is badly wounded, Corey is able to pull through. After being injured, Kenny decides to leave the hospital. Then Corey mourns Mei and grabs his keychain, after that the group leaves the hospital in Stan's Van.


  • The hospital sign has a missing letter, making it look like it's says "Hospi-al".
  • In the ambulance parking lot, there are 2 signs, one of them says "No Parking: Violators will be bitch slapped".
  • Herbert West, one of the employees is a homage to the principal character of the classic film "Reanimator".