The Flare Gun is a weapon found in ObsCure II.


The flare gun is the fourth weapon acquired from the item boxes opened with the small keys. The Item Box is found in the Fallcreek's Dam. A loaded flare gun with eight extra rounds is also found during the epilogue, on the hand of a dead Delta Theta Gamma guard.


The flare gun is a very powerful firearm that can kill most regular enemies in one shot, so it's better to use it against the toughest enemies. However, it only holds one flare at a time, giving it a slow rate of attack, and ammunition is difficult to come by. Furthermore, it does not deal all of its damage at once, but rather, deals it over a period of several seconds before it burns out. The flare slowly consumes the lives of most of the monsters and, in the meantime, blocks them in a vain attempt to remove it.


The recommended strategy when using the flare gun is to hit an enemy and then run away, letting the flare do its damage before attacking again. The damage it inflicts are very high but are distributed over a period of time.