The Flashball is a weapon found in ObsCure II.


The only way to get the flashball is opening the third Item Box with 3 Small Keys. If one opened all the prior item box, the one with the Flashball will be in the Hospital's ground floor.


It is an mini explosive grenade launcher to impact, it deals a fair amount of damage to all enemies. The charger only 4 shots, is offset by the short range of focus and its ammo is somewhat common. It stuns and knocks enemies to the ground which allows the player to use other weapons to harm. It is particularly effective against enemies like Monster Kenny and the more slow and stronger Amorphous.


  • The weapon can host up to 4 balls but he gun only has 2 cannons, it's unknown how.
  • Curiously, this weapon was invented in France, which is Hydravition location.