The flashlights are useful objects to dissipate and fight the Mortifilia's spores appearing in ObsCure and ObsCure II.


You may combine the flashlights with any firearm through the use of adhesive tape. Besides being useful for illuminating the dark areas it is possible to concentrate their light beam in such a way to obtain a more powerful illumination of a given target. This is useful to dispel Mortifilia's spores that protect the monsters, making them more vulnerable to attacks, but at the same time it heats the flashlight and you need to allow it to cool before using the light boost one more time.

Types Edit

In the game, there are three different types of flashlights:

  • Flashlight: A low quality flashlight, its beam of light focused dissipates spores Mortifilia very slowly and overheats very quickly.
  • Good Quality Flashlight: A flashlight with a light beam which can be focused on a point or a target with a higher intensity and for a longer period of time. This one can be found in the janitor's room.
  • Powerful flashlight: A flashlight of better quality, the beams of light can be enhanced to focus on a point or a target with even higher intensity and for a longer time before the overheat of the whole. This one is found in Friedman's office.

ObsCure IIEdit

Normal flashlights have a much more marginal use. They will be everywhere in the equipment of the characters and are automatically extracted from them as soon as is equipped firearm.

The 2nd generation monsters doesn't have a thick spore aura that covers them.

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