The Laser is the most powerful weapon found in ObsCure. Its useness is very limited since the weapon can only be found at the end of the game.

But in the short time is very useful against Leonard Friedman.


The Leafmore Survivors found this weapon in the depths of thr Friedmans' underground laboratory, in a secret room in the room just below Friedman's office, which is also the home of a Crawler Fly.


No doubt it is the most powerful weapon of the game. It is a handmade laser, presumably created by the Leafmore High's Principal as a precaution in case of a escape of some of his creatures. The Laser emits a powerful focused beam able to dispel the Mortifilia aura of the enemies and simultaneously inflicting a devastating amount of damage. It removes in seconds even the toughest enemies.

It has a handle with the fire button from where the characters grab the weapon.


The Laser is very limited. Its ammunition is displayed like the flashlight boost meter, but unlike the Flashlight, it doesn't lower back.

And besides that, the Laser overcharges after 5 seconds of consecutive fire. One can notice it, because of the smoke coming out the weapon.

Its better to save it against the Mutated Friedman.

Trivia Edit

  • The Laser is the only weapon on which Ashley Thompson's combat skills will have no effect.
  • It has labeled "CHIKARU Inc" in the left of the laser.