The "Laser Gun" is a special type of weapon found in ObsCure. You can find the weapon after completing the game. In order to activate the laser, the weapon booster mode must be on.


Just like the Morgenstern Bat, the laser gun will be unlocked only after completing the game at least once in any difficulty level. You'll find it in Extra Mode in the office of Herbert Friedman, in it's safe, remplacing the Automatic Pistol.


Instead of having supplied a flashlight with it, which weakens the enemy, this gun has a lasersight, that while you shoot can inflict extra damage very significant, although it is subject to overheating just like flashlight.


The laser can be used even without bullets, this weapon is a great choice to any type of confrontation, having an unlimited charge. However its overheating characteristics are equal to those of a nearly discharged flashlight. The pistol's shots, instead, are equal to those of the common automatic guns but the charger has a maximum capacity of only 6 bullets.


  • When playing on single mode, if the player gives the gun to a suporting character, he/she won't use the laser, even when it has no bullets.