Leafmore High was a high school founded by the Friedman Brothers sometime in the early 1900s. One of the brothers, Herbert Friedman, is the principal of the school.

However, unlike any other school, its true purpose was to be a substitute for a laboratory to conduct experiments to serve the Principal's grotesque scientific pursuits to find a cure for his mutated brother Leonard Friedman. Unsuspecting students took part of these experiments and were captured and put into prison cells.

Features Edit

Like any other school, it had basic necessities, offered courses and had a school team called the Sharks.

Underneath the school, lays a laboratory with series of complex paths and housing Herbert's despicable and enlarged brother Leonard.

Major EventsEdit


Leafmore High was founded by the twin brothers, Herbert and Leonard Friedman.


One of the school's students, Alan Gardener, is suspicious of the 26 cases of disappearance of students. He collects all the information about the Friedman twins and their experiments in his diary.


The school is overrun with monsters and maniacs which kill teachers and students alike.  The school falls into a state of disrepair. Of all the people who were trapped in the school, only five students made it out alive. They are Shannon, Stan, Kenny, Ashley and Josh. The event is known as the Leafmore Incident.


The school was scheduled to be reconstructed, undergo repairs and to be reopened. However, it was condemned after several workers are killed in the basement. It is covered up as "flooding was found in the basement". It is now slated for demolition.


Ashley and Josh come to check out the place, but are captured by Jedidiah and their fates are unknown. 

Later a breakout similar to what happened at Leafmore happens in Fallcreek University. The survivors, Shannon, Stan, Richard James, Amy and Corey arrive at Leafmore. Most of the school is demolished such as the lunchroom area and janitor hall, along with some of the areas around it. Most of the whole second floor is demolished with the exception of some areas. The survivors later kill Jedidiah here as well and then they are captured and leave. The school really did not change much down to the point of where one can find some rubble from a smashed classroom in the same place still.

It is unknown what happened to the school since the Outbreak of 2005, as the whole city became infected with the Mortifilia, and no stories have been told ever since.It could've abandoned or secured by a group of survivors.

The school, like the rest of the city, most likely lays infected. The event of the Leafmore Incident had been covered up by top officials since the ΔΘΓ has branches all over the government.

Sports TeamsEdit

The only known team is the Sharks which is a basketball team. Ashley and Shannon are part of the group of cheerleaders. Kenny was the captain of the team and Stan was a member well.

Reported DeathsEdit


  • Greg Andersson
  • Harry Flynt
  • Richard Craig
  • Several unnamed students
  • James Harold

Note: It can be assumed that with these three named students were probably mutated by Friedman's experiments and killed by the surviving students. As for the other several unnamed students, they were mutated by Friedman's experiments they were probably killed by the surviving students as well.