The Leonard Friedman's Residence, also known as the Abandoned house, is the house were the former Leafmore's founder, Leonard Friedman, and Jedidah (And most probably Ms. Wickson) leave until the first one's death. This house is a location and level in ObsCure II.


The home of botanist Leonard Friedman where he lived with his wife Elisabeth Wickson and later his son, Jedidiah. It is located not far from a isolated shore, in the Fallcreek Lake.

The building, ruined and very old, stands from the face of an old cemetery and a mausoleum. There is a greenhouse care botany and all rooms have a very retro style, looking like of 1900. From the basement there is a culvert that leads directly to the Leafmore High.


In ObsCure, Kenny enters in the garden behind the iron door, and sees a Mansion, this mansion is diferent to the one in ObsCure II. So this Friedman's Residence is not seen or played in the first game. This is Herbert Friedman's house.

ObsCure IIEdit

According to the title, the Abandoned House was formerly where Leonard's resided with his family. The current occupant is Jedidah, the son of Leonard. He is responsible for taking care of the dark spore plants in the greenhouse. The player will discover clues about Jedidah's childhood which includes a childhood picture and a diary of him. There are three or four crosses that the player needs place in the current position in order to pursue Jedidah after he murders Sven.


  • Sven - Killed by Jedidiah.
  • Possibly numerous counts of kidnapped people.
  • Possibly Josh and Ashley.