Liddyah Thompson was the sister of Ashley Thompson. She was to appear in the cancelled 2012 game, Obscure D. Nothing is known about her, besides her adventure to find her sister, and her fate. 

Obscure DEdit

Liddyah Thompson, a senior at the new Leafmore High School in Fallcreek, decided to assemble a search party  and search for her missing sister Ashley and her boyfriend Josh.

Act 1 Edit

The game would take place 3 days before ObsCure II. Right after they get into the woods they are attacked by Jedidah and fight him off. Liddyah’s boyfriend, Carlos, is then killed by a monster, which then rips him apart. After, she then vows revenge and looks for the source of the monsters. Next, Jason is killed when the car he is trying to start to escape explodes. After the explosion a hole in the ground is formed, and the survivors escape into an abandoned sewer. This sewer turns out to be the one from ObsCure. While traveling in the sewer, Molly, another friend, is attacked and has her arm is cut off. Liddyah manages to save her and wrap the wound.

Act 2 Edit

They continue and find access to the old school, where they are again attacked by more creatures. After fighting their way through the school, they find out that Molly is infected due to spores being implanted in her wound after her arm was ripped off. She then mutates and attacks Liddyah. She is then infected by the virus, and tells the final survivors she is going to die. The other survivors, Jacob and Claire, think they still can save her, and they all travel to the hospital in the woods. After a brief fight with a creature, Liddyah starts to lose control. She quickly snaps back to normal and  starts to climb higher to the hospital, and gets to room 304 and discovers Ashley and Josh are inside trapped in a cage and being experimented on. After freeing them and after a short tearful reunion between the sisters, Liddyah transforms into an abomination.


Liddyah is killed by Josh after being transformed into a spore abombination by activating a forcefield.


  • She could be a old sketch drawning of Cassy


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