The Light Grenade or Flashbang is a weapon found in both ObsCure and ObsCure II. It's a rare to find weapon. It's a non-lethal explosive device used to temporarily disorient an enemy's senses, but since the Mortifilia is weak to light, this is one of the most powerful wepons, as it can kill a large amount of enemies in 1 hit.


The Light Grenade is the only throwing weapon. In ObsCure you will found only 4 grenades at total, and you'll find them after you get into Friedman's underground secret lab. It takes three seconds between the impact and the moment of the explosion for a powerful flash to flood the area. Being the Mortifilia weak to light, the outburst causes immediate death of a large number of enemies, regardless of their strength and endurance. This weapon is best suited for groups of difficult enemies.

ObsCure IIEdit

In ObsCure II you will find some flashbangs in different parts of the game, starting from Fallcreek's Dam.

The Flashbang generates a flash for a wide area that almost instantaneously dissolves all the little monsters and some of the big threats, even if a creature survives the explosion, his health will still be dropped dramatically, given the Mortifilia's strong repulsion to light.