The Lincoln Stadium is a location featured in ObsCure II.


The Lincoln Stadium is a large football yard near the House of the ΔΘГ brotherhood. Here are played local sports games (the only known is that Fallcreek Pitbulls would have competed with Cordell Helldog ) and the training sessions of football teams.

This place was going to be the location of a rock fest sponsored by the Brotherhood to celebrate its 200 years of existence. There is a large iron structure that acts as a support for the reflectors of the rock festival structure.

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

After the death of the last Friedmans, the ΔΘΓ Brotherhood arrive in Leafmore to take Amy and Richard James to a landzone, which would be the Lincoln Stadium so they can escape by chopper, to a safe ΔΘΓ headquarter.

But as they arrive, Corey Wilde, Shannon Matthews and Stan Jones escaped from their respective transport. Corey manage to get there first, just to see a mutated Kenny Matthews throw away the ΔΘΓ members, including Richard James to get back his son, but Corey decide to stand up against him only to be infected before the battle ends. Stan and Shannon arrive just in time to see Corey kill himself to avoid turned into Kenny's equal.

So the three engage in a last battle that would result in the final death of Monster Kenny.


  • Of all of the places visited in ObsCure II, this is the place more intact after the Mortiflia Outbreak. It may have been because of the ΔΘΓ members clearing the zone so the helicopter can land and take away Amy and Richard James.
  • Even though the stadium is called "Lincoln" the back entrance has a sign that says "Fallcreek Stadium"