Matt is a minor character and one of the first NPCs encountered in ObsCure II. He was an African American student at Fallcreek University. He wore a green cap, a white jersey, and jeans. He had a tattoo on his left shoulder. He appears only two times in the game.

ObsCure IIEdit

His first appearance was in the hallway when Corey and Mei were going to Sven's, he was using his phone, talking to his girlfriend, trying to convince her that their relationship is not "just a physical thing". Corey makes a remark about his tattoo, saying is "nasty" in a cool way.

In his second appearance, one encounters him as a dead Runner. After the outbreak in the ΔΘΓ Party have begun, Professor Richard James was dissecting one of the dead monsters to study its anatomy. Corey identified the creature as Matt by his tattoo.

Trivia Edit

  • It turns that he has two shoulder tattoos. When found dead, upon closer inspection one will notice that the other tattoo is on his right shoulder.