Mighty Rocket Studios, formally Hydravision Entertainment was a game company located in France. They have developed games for several platforms, and there most notable works is the ObsCure Series.

The name change became official in Feb 10th, 2012, after the confirmation of the Spin Off Final Exam, which is a reworked version of ObsCure D.

There is a rumor that says this:

"On September 31st, 2015, it was confirmed via twitter by Focus Home Interactive that Mighty Rocket Studios has been closed down, ending development of any potential sequels in the series for the time being".
But it's probably false, since there isn't a "31st" in september and in september 30th and october 1st there isn't any notice of Mighty Rocket Studios.

List of works   (As Hydravision)

Game Name: Platforms: Year: Genre:
Zombies Visual Novel 2000 Survival Horror
ObsCure PS2, Xbox, Windows 2004 Survival Horror
ObsCure II PS2, Wii, PSP, Windows 2008 Survival Horror
Alone In The Dark PS2, Wii 2008 Survival Horror
Pom Pom Party PS2 2008 Party
ObsCure: The Aftermath PSP 2009 Survival Horror
Fairytale Fights Xbox 360, PS3 2009 Fantasy
Knockout Party Wii 2009 Party
Aladin Magic Racer Wii 2010 Racing
The X Factor PS3, Wii, Xbox 360 2010 Party
Funky Lab Rat PS3 2010 Platformer
Dungeon Twister PS3, Xbox 360 2011 Fighting, Party
Snipers, Silent, Deadly PS3, Xbox 360 2012 FPS
Idiot Squad PS3, PSP, Vita 2012 Puzzle

List of works (As Mighty Rocket Studios)

Name Platforms


Final Exam PS3/360/Windows Survival Horror/Beat Em Up/RPG 2013
Untitled ObsCure Project Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled

ObsCure Saga

Mighty Rocket Studios owns the rights to the ObsCure Series, which is their best known franchise/IP.

ObsCure PS2, Xbox, Windows 2004
ObsCure II PS2, Wii, PC, PSP 2008
Final Exam PS3, Xbox 360, Windows 2013


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