A black spore flower

The Mortifilia is the a rare medicinal plant found in Africa. Known for its regenerative anti-aging properties, which are incompatible with the human metabolist. Until, after various decades of research, it was created a serum that could prolong the user's life, as demonstrated on Herbert Friedman and Elisabeth Wickson, but with a few drawbacks.

The Mortifilia, and its consecuense in the human organism, is the primary cause of the events in both ObsCure and ObsCure II.

There is 2 kinds of Mortifilia; the plant and the flower.


The Friedman Brothers ventured into Africa where they spent a lot of time collecting unknown plant specimens, after some time of researching, they found a plant that emitted spores with age regenerative properties. They experimented with the plant in the hopes that its longevity and regenerative properties could be transferred to the human body.

They tried unsuccessfully to gain recognition and grants for their work, which was rejected as the experiments were considered morally and spiritually controversial. The brothers needed a way to test what they had created without anyone knowing, and in a desperate attempt to prove his theory, Leonard injected himself with the spores and exposed himself to light. Unfortunately the spores reacted in a way that neither of the twins expected.

Black Spore Flower Edit

The spores produced by the Mortifilia induce a high when ingested or inhaled. The spores of the flower seem to build up in the reproductive organs of those who ingest them and spread through unprotected intercourse, out-competing conventional sexually transmitted diseases. The flowers only seem to bloom at night, inducing a transformation in anyone who inhales the spores. On Fallcreek University campus, the flowers have become a popular recreational drug that can be ingested through either tea or smoke. The spores of the Mortifilia also seem to be able to induce weak precognition and telepathic links after their ingestion, allowing those who ingest them to share dreams as well as a glimpse of events to come.