There are variety of monsters in both ObsCure and ObsCure II. The most common encountered in Obscure are monsters that resemble ribs and mutated students. There are more larger fiends that have different appearances.

Note: There are no official names for the monsters found in ObsCure and ObsCure II.


A common enemy, it resembles an organ of some sort with two frog-like feet, no eyes, and a large ribcage-like mouth that opens vertically. They will charge at the player in swarms, but if coaxed into light, they will die in a pool of black blood. They can only endure a couple direct shots.

Infected Student

They are male students who were the least effected by the plant. They wear a green shirt and jeans, with no shoes. They seem to have lost all of their hair, and have a light greenish tint to their skin. Their eyes are completely white, and their toothless mouths hang down low, where they will open up in three flaps to expose it when feeding. They will swing at the player and chase them in an attempt to kill them, and have a higher health, especially ones shrouded in black halos.

Evolved Infected Student

A unique version of the Infected Student. It appears locked in a cell in the lower depths of the school, where it will break out and attack with extremely quick swipes and hits. It's main differences are it's strange height, and it's significantly larger mouth flaps.


Students who suffered the effects of the plant more harshly, and as a result, now appear wildly different in appearance. Their bloody legs are only muscles and tendons covering the bones, which seem to have swelled. The feet are only bones, and are disproportionately large, with toe bones being several inches long and ending in points. The torso is not entirely visible as it is blocked by the absurdly large low-hanging mouth flaps, which are now much more bloody and chunky. The mid-torso is of somewhat average size, but as it goes up, it becomes a large, round mass of flesh in place of the head, which the bloody mouth flaps protrude from. The arms, similarly to the legs, are bloody muscles ending in a big hand with inch-long finger bones that end in points. Their arms are always extended outward, with the hands hanging down. They are much slower than average infected students, but take much more damage to kill. They appear more frequently as the game progresses, and may even appear in forest areas in ObsCure II.