Empty SchoolEdit

24 tracks, written and produced by Olivier Derivière.

  1. Main Titles
  2. Empty School
  3. Something Hidden
  4. First Ones
  5. Blowing Up a Wall
  6. Being Surrounded
  7. Herbert Friedman
  8. Who is Herbert?
  9. Wickson, the Nurse
  10. Infested Place
  11. Give Us Eternity
  12. The First Queen
  13. Pure Suite
  14. Wickson and Leonard
  15. The Second Queen
  16. Gardener's Story
  17. Herbert's Secret Office
  18. Old Movie
  19. Friedman's Place
  20. Finding Leo
  21. Final Fight
  22. Leonard's Death
  23. Death
  24. End Titles

Some of the soundtrack can be downloaded from Olivier Derivière official website:

There are also 3 tracks that play during the game that are not in the official soundtrack.

  1. "Still Waiting" performed by Sum 41
  2. "Don't Think The Way They Do" and "Baby's Come Back" performed by Span

    The soundtrack can be downloaded legal and free here: DOWNLOAD

Music from ObsCure II Edit

22 tracks, composed by Olivier Derivière.

  1. Corruption With Rage and Melancholy
  2. Atmospheric Mood
  3. Back To School
  4. Life Has Plan
  5. Ballets Of Deads
  6. Finally Home
  7. Melancholy
  8. Corpus Gemitu
  9. Bad Behaviour
  10. Lost Love
  11. Infested People
  12. Dimitri Was There
  13. Waltz Of Death
  14. We All Die
  15. Save My Soul
  16. The Last Ones
  17. Periculum
  18. Turtle Stone
  19. Hearing Fearies
  20. Lumen
  21. Nostalgia
  22. Bonus Track: Falling Down Demo
  23. Bonus Track 2: Evergreen (By Noel)

This OST is free for download on the official site of the composer:

The soundtrack can be downloaded legal and free here: DOWNLOAD

Obscure SurvivorEdit

The soundtrack for Survivor was to be done by a new formed band called BACKLASH, which is situated in New York City, but was formally found in Detroit. This game was cancelled in late 2012.

Obscure Dark AuraEdit

The soundtrack for Dark Aura was to be done by Olivier Deriviere before it was cancelled in 2009.

Obscure: Final ExamEdit

Oliver did not return for Obscure: Final Exam. 


All music is composed by Olivier Deriviere in ObsCure and ObsCure II. He was to also compose the soundtrack for Obscure Dark Aura before it was cancelled. He may return for Obscure D and ObsCure 3.

Obscure Final Exam was the only game in the series to be composed by another entity. However, the cancelled game, Obscure Survivor, was to be composed by BACKLASH.