The Obscure Collection is a new edition of ObsCure and ObsCure II published via Steam by Mighty Rocket Studios on March 10, 2014.

They added unlockable achievements for both games, but have changed some contents of ObsCure, but it wasn't so big making it look like the same as the original edition.

Differences in ObsCure Edit

  • The opening credits were cut, as the game is no longer under the publication of *Hydravision and MC2 Microids.*
  • They are no longer present the songs "Still Waiting" and "Don't think the way they do" by Sum 41 and "Baby Come Back" that accompanied the opening credits and closing credits, presumably for copyright issues.
  • Upon entering the building of the classrooms corridor the players they will not be immediately attacked by Biters.
  • In the original game after putting the sulfuric acid in the lock, a cutscene will show, but in the new version is just an animation.
  • In the cafeteria you can find the Automatic Pistol beside the corpse of the girl killed by the first Crawler Fly instead of being in the kitchen.
  • In the school parking lot, near the theater, the van containing a medical kit is parked in a different place than the original game, also there won't appear any Evolved Infected.
  • The safety of the lift lever in the theater is already off.
  • It was removed the camera shot of a following look in the window (Which was a reference to Alone in the Dark) as soon as the characters come out from underground with Kenny. Another similar frame was removed in the basement.
  • The statue to be recovered in the dormitory is, instead of being in the stairs, inside a glass case of trophies.
  • A small animation of the Leafmore Survivors being attack by 2 Flies after opening the door of the first floor of the library is removed.
  • In the upper floor of the library the door will be closed by a simple lock that you can remove using the cutter. In the original game one had to retrieve the key from a room, whose entrance was hidden by a wardrobe.
  • In the woods after grabbing the Two Barrel Shotgun, one will attack by a Crab coming out from the trees, absent in the original file version.
  • In the woods, in the second area, an ArbolTrebol that attacks just past the door will come out from the trees blocking the escape characters instead of arriving at them from the front.
  • The Morgenstern Bat, the extra content bat, will look like a mace, but the in-game model is the same as the original, but black seams have been added.
  • In the extras it has been removed the unlockable videos of the songs used in the game, in their place there is a video of the BETA version and the trailer.