Obscure Dark Aura was a spinoff title in development of the ObsCure series.

The game, being developed by Hydravision Entertainment, was to be released in 2010 presumably for Sony Playstation Portable and Nintendo DS, but, in 2009, its development has been canceled for unknown reasons.


It is assumed that the plot of ObsCure: Dark Aura should be the direct result of ObsCure II, making it the third canon episode of the series. 

However, according to other sources, the game would've had a standalone plot that would look into the history of ΔΘГ Brotherhood and especially its ramifications in the US government as well as being able to count on a cast totally renovated. 

Other sources identify ObsCure: Dark Aura as another version of ObsCure II, as it had been ObsCure: The Aftermath, some other sources says that game would've had Shannon as it's main protagonist, having the analogy of she being able to absorb the "Dark Aura", thus explaining the title.