The Shotgun is a weapon featured in ObsCure.


It is a big shotgun with a magazine of 7 bullets. The fire interval is long but the focused power of the shotgun overpass this difficulty making the most appropriate weapon to use with large enemies. Through the use of the adhesive tape it is possible to combine it with different types of flashlight, thus making it a much better weapon to defend oneself.


There's 2 old shotguns in the game in total. The first is found in the janitor's room, after Mr. Garrison is shered by a monster, is in the cabinet with some ammo. The second is hide under a wheel cart in the room where is Alan Gardener's letter and presumably hims (It's unknown if it's him or just another student).


  • Is unknown to who belong the second shotgun, it may have been from a another student, or even Herbert Friedman.
  • The expanded image of the shotgun with a flashlight on it shows the flashlight in the middle of the shotgun, but in the gameplay shows it in tip.