"Hideous monsters... You won't take me out so easily!"
—Garrison to the monster trying to killing him.

Mr. Garrison was the jantiror and security guard of Leafmore High School, he finds himself locked up in the school when the Mortifilia monsters are on the loose in the building during the event of ObsCure. He was a former police officer and the actual janitor.



Mr. Garrison is the security officer and Janitor of Leafmore High. He is a middle-aged man with brown flashy mustache. He seems to have worked in the school for many years with dedication and cold practicality; Silent and obedient to the duties entrusted by the principal, he has a very controlled behavior in front of the monsters, which makes it seem that he was aware of the experiments of Herbert Friedman and Miss Wickson; in favor of this thesis, in his room he has an already loaded shotgun as if it was ready for a possible invasion of the creatures. Moreover, still in his room, there are monitors of the school's surveillance system, then (given the cassette recordings) it is difficult to think that he wasn't aware of the kidnapping of schoolchildren.


The janitor appears in the first sections of the game, the day after the kidnapping of Kenny when, under order of the principal, closed the gates of the school and then send the late-comers to his office. Later, at six o'clock, he closed the doors of the school's cafeteria and retired to his room. Involuntarily locking Josh, Shannon, and Ashley and trapping the students in a infected Leafmore. Then the students, on the advice of Friedman, go to search for him in his room to open the doors, so they can get out. The group comes too late, since he, attacked by monsters, was torn in two. Garrison was ripped to shreds by an unknown monstrosity. He is found dead on the floor of his office when the player discovers him, with gore scattered about. He had a Shotgun on his Locker, which was very helpful to the Leafmore Group.


  • If you approach the office of the janitor, before entering the first time, and wait, you will be able to hear the last words of Mr Garrison as he battles against monsters. Going too close you will hear his cries when he is killed by a Fly.
  • It's unknown if it was actually a Crawler Fly that it killed him, since it doesn't look like if would be something that the Fly would do.