The Pistol is ranged weapon found in ObsCure II, and Final Exam.

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

In ObsCure II, the pistol (known simply as the Gun) is the first gun found in the game, located in the second-floor safe from a game room at the ΔΘΓ Frat House. Shannon also appears to have a pistol of her own. It holds seven rounds and deals a moderate amount of ranged damage to enemies. Unlike in the first game, it cannot be fitted with a flashlight.

Final ExamEdit

The 9mm is the first fire weapon in the inventory of each player. It has a capacity of 17 bullets per magazine, and it can transport a total of 51. While not inflicting high damage, is a great weapon to hold off small groups of enemies. It can count on a decent rate of fire and the charging time is relatively short.