The Runners are monsters appearing in ObsCure II, generated by the genetic mutation of the Mortifilia.


The Runners are possibly the most common strain of the Mortifilia spores' mutations.

This kind mutation seems to target mostly human males, making it the most common enemy.

With its symmetrical body and proportionate limbs, the Runner is somewhat less grotesque than other Mortifilia alterations: this monster sport a well built humanoid torso, legs and arms, but the five-fingered hands of the subject became two pairs of long and sharp reptilian claws. Its most twisted feature is its head, now an almost worm-like, elongated maw with exposed muscles and three jaws.

Like the Harpies, they are gregarious and usually travel in packs.

Known CasesEdit

One of the first examples of this kind of creature is a student at Fallcreek that the protagonists knew, Matt. He was indeed recognized after the mutation thanks to a particular tattoo that he had on his shoulder.


Generally these monsters attack in groups, charging against the opponent in a very similar way to Evolved Infected Student of ObsCure and trying to throw him to the ground or slashing him.

Their attacks are not particularly powerful, however these monsters usually roam in group and strike fast. They are also nimble and agile, able to quickly evade both melee attacks and bullets included: it is therefore advisable to attack them frontally in order to minimize the waste of bullets. Like all products of Mortifilia they fear the light and, when exposed to a direct beam, they back off in fear.