The Serum is a manufactured health item present in ObsCure II.


The creatures created by the Mortiflia Flower have special proteins that runs through their veins which makes their muscles more resistant. This can be drinked, after a synthesization, to gather a helpful boost that could release the pain from the body.


The non-toxic serum can be synthesized by taking blood samples from the hearts of the creatures. To do this, it is necessary to use the special syringe given to the group by Richard James.


Thanks to various enhancements of the syringe is possible to synthesize three different types of serum:

  • The Normal Serum, a light greenish liquid capable of giving a small energy boost.
  • The improved Serum, green liquid that, when drunk, is able to give a good energy boost.
  • And the powerful serum, the dark green liquid that can give a large amount of energy.