The shotgun is one of the strongest weapons found ObsCure II. Although it is very powerful, ammunition is scarce.

In ObsCure IIEdit

In ObsCure II you will find 3 shotguns in total (But only 2 actually are real).

The first one is found in Corey Wilde's nightmare, but due to this being a dream, it isn't real.

The second one belongs to Corey's father and is found in his car's trunk, after someone steals it after the Fallcreek Outbreak had begun.

The last one belongs to Stan, it's unknown where he got it, if he owned or if he grabbed it from a corpse. It appears after Monster Kenny brutally kills Mei Wang.


The weapon's capacity drops to five bullets and fire interval is long, but inflicts a large amount of damage thus representing one of the best choices to take down enemies of medium hazard and settle some nice shot even the most difficult enemies.


  • Even though there's 2 shotgun on the group, there's only 1 shotgun on the inventory, but since the inventory is very inaccurate, this is unimportant.