The Spiders Biters are parasitic monsters appearing in ObsCure II. They are conceived by Breeders due to the mutagenic properties of the Mortifilia.


Spider Biters are small monsters with features similar to those of a spider or a small parasite. Spawned from a Breeder, some of them are the original fetuses carried by those mutated pregnant woman while many others (there are hundreds of these tiny horrors but only few Breeders) are probably made from the recycled biomatter extracted by the Breeder with their "mouth-womb".

Even if these mutants are the size of a cat, this does not make them less disgusting. Their bodies are veiny and pale fleshy sacs sporting three pairs of sickle-like arthropodal legs (the four longer limbs are used for locomotion while the shorter pair helps the creature to balance and anchor itself to the prey's head); their heads are a misshapen four-jawed maw, lined with small teeth and centered around a tentacle that looks like a tongue.

They have eyes (a trait lost in most Mortifilia mutations) but they are not at all the eyes of a baby human: they have just the sclera and a small pupil, flat and staring like those of a fish.


Having low strenght and resistence, its strenght have to rely on numbers, crawling in swarms from 5 to 10 units. This diminutive monster attacks skittering and hopping toward its prey to to bite them, but are cunning enough to hide in air ducts and ceilings in order to ambush an enemy from above.

It has the nasty ability to rapidly climb on the body of a prey and, after reaching the head, it uses its claws as hooks to attach itself. When it uses this kind of attack the player will be forced to remove it by struggling or alternatively he have to be helped by a companion, since it is not possible to attack directly this monster when it grabs your head.


A swarm of Spider Biters is ofted backed up by a Breeder, so eliminating the latter is a priority or else it will keep to spawn them. Groups of 5 or 10 venture into different areas in search of unwary prey. Given their lack of resistance, it is recommended to face them with melee weapons in order to crush them swiftly.