The Turtle Stone Island is a location in the City of Fallcreek and is parcially explored in ObsCure II.


On the Fallcreek Lake there is the Turtle Stone Island, a very popular tourist destination in the area and often used as a summer camp for locals at the Pontoon Center.

Fallcreek OutbreakEdit

Just before the outbreak began, a group of person were having a hang out in the east extreme of the island, but they were attacked by the creatures.

Following the confrontation in the Fallcreek's Dam, Sven, Amy, Stan and Richard take two boats to get to the island; on the way, though, Amy and Sven are lost, after being separated by the fog. Richard arrives on the island and, along with Stan, awaits the arrival of Corey and Shannon, that stayed in the dam to face Kenny.

Corey and Shannon, after fighting, didn't know where to led, but were contacted by the Sven that told them that they were going to Turtle Stone Island. So they tried to reach their friends by taking a boat

The two of them explored the island and manage to find Stan and the prof. James, Corey gets on a boat with the latter to try to reach Sven and Amy, lost in the mist of the lake.

Once met the group decides to go look for Sven and Amy. The group separetes again, and he and Corey go to search for another boat.