The Two Barrel Shotgun is a weapon appeared in ObsCure and Final Exam.


One can found this weapon after entering the gardens from the metal gate in the west yard.

One will find a small shack and after a little walk, the camara shot will show you the shotgun in the roof. You must use a weapon to make the shotgun fall. But if do so, an Evolved Infected a Crab will spot and attack you.


The enhanced version of the Old Shotgun, uses the same shells in a charger with a maximum capacity of 2 bullets. The range of focus is so long and you need to recharge often but the power is much greater to its simplest version making it the perfect deal serious damage to any type of enemy.

Through the use of the adhesive tape it is possible to combine it with different types of flashlight.

Final ExamEdit

In Final Exam, one is able to retrieve the shotgun in the Leafmore high school in chapter "Underground Investigation". The loader supports only 2 plus a maximum of 16 bullets, is the firearm that can carry more bullets in proportion: 8 shippers. Charging times are long but compensated by the high firepower and you can shoot very quickly.


  • Even though is a Two barrel shotgun, when a character reloads it they will "pump" it, this was probably kept this way so the developers don't have to make another animation.